Thursday, July 28, 2011

THE BIG ONE: What Happens During the Mega Quake in Central Oregon?

The Little Deschutes may not end up being a reliable source of drinking water!
The potential for a massive earthquake occurring off the Oregon coast and directly affecting the tricounty area (Central Oregon) is real, say experts, which is why La Pine City Councilor Stu Martinez got a new job not long ago.
At a council meeting last spring, Martinez’s colleagues asked him to “get the ball rolling” to prepare for a large-scale disaster. To that end, he will review disaster preparedness plans for La Pine and the surrounding south Deschutes County area.
“The city needs to be capable of dealing with an emergency down here, and we asked Stu to give us an update,” said La Pine Mayor Ken Mulenex. “We don’t totally know what is in place, or what to plan for in this area. But as a community, we have to be ready.” (To read the rest of this story, click here.)

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