Thursday, July 28, 2011

Make a Personal Earthquake/Emergency Survival Kit

These common items, available everywhere, can give you a fighting chance to survive!
HERE’S THE SCENARIO: The earthquake hits while you’re at work. The office walls start to shake and the pictures start to fall. Alarms go off. Head pop up above the cubicles, as people, with no idea of what to do, look around. Some will sit back down and get back to work.
Now what? Stay? Go? Logout, then go? Ignore the situation?
Knowledge is key to survival, but you also need some basic survival tools you can carry with you everywhere. Here are some suggestions for a wardrobe survival kit. When it's properly packed, you'll forget you have it on you - and that means you'll take it along!

Apocalypse When? Could the Northwest be Next?

ODOT projects that most bridges in Central Oregon will fail during the Big One.
The tragic earthquake and tsunami news from Japan deservedly got worldwide attention. And the earthquake in New Zealand the week before, on Feb. 22, also attracted international attention and concern.
But will warnings of potential earthquake problems in the United States get some of that concern and attention?
I hope so! 
Here are some reliable sources, and their take on the danger from earthquakes that Central Oregonians face!

THE BIG ONE: What Happens During the Mega Quake in Central Oregon?

The Little Deschutes may not end up being a reliable source of drinking water!
The potential for a massive earthquake occurring off the Oregon coast and directly affecting the tricounty area (Central Oregon) is real, say experts, which is why La Pine City Councilor Stu Martinez got a new job not long ago.
At a council meeting last spring, Martinez’s colleagues asked him to “get the ball rolling” to prepare for a large-scale disaster. To that end, he will review disaster preparedness plans for La Pine and the surrounding south Deschutes County area.
“The city needs to be capable of dealing with an emergency down here, and we asked Stu to give us an update,” said La Pine Mayor Ken Mulenex. “We don’t totally know what is in place, or what to plan for in this area. But as a community, we have to be ready.” (To read the rest of this story, click here.)

How to Stay Cool During a Power Outage/Heat Wave Emergency

What happens when  the "Big One" occurs along the Cascadia earthquake fault along the Oregon coast and it's really hot in south Deschutes County? 
And how much worse will conditions be if this catastrophe happens during the winter when it’s really cold?
On the other hand, how will you stay cool and safe, if an earthquake, forest fire or other natural disaster knocks out the power grid when the temperature is really hot? If you don’t have to evacuate, how can you stay cool inside your house without power?
Here are some tips for getting through heat spells!

Off-Grid Cooking: Camp Chef Twin Burner Propane Stove

This setup has served me well, in the wilderness and on my patio!
When I bought my Camp Chef double burner propane stove nearly 20 years ago, I never dreamed it would be so useful, get such hard use or last so long!
After shopping around with my elk camp stove criteria in mind,  I bought a Camp Chef double burner. I have never regretted the purchase, and the stove has never let me down.
A stove like this is also a valuable survival tool. It allows you to cook, boil water and prepare meals for groups of people when there is no electricity or gas. My Camp Chef is part of my off-grid cooking setup and a valuable part of my emergency preparations.
To read my review, click here!

How To Choose The Best Sleeping Bag

These synthetic winter bags got slightly damp, but dried out quickly!
One of the things you don’t want to have to improvise is a good sleeping bag. If you can’t sleep at night because you’re cold, the next day is guaranteed to be exhausting. Too light a bag can put you in danger of hypothermia. Too heavy a bag may be  too hot for comfort and impractical for easy transport. Here’s how to pick a good bag to meet your specific needs.
Click here to read the story!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What is the Potential for an Earthquake in Oregon and How would it Affect South Deschutes County?

An earthquake on the Oregon coast could severely damage infrastructure in Central Oregon.
Earthquakes have been in the news recently, particularly with the extensive coverage of the devastation in Japan. And most people probably would agree that some sort of preparation would be a good idea.But really, what could an earthquake on the Oregon coast do to you in Central Oregon? Could it have an impact on  areas further inland?
Well, several state agencies are very concerned! Imagine a power outage, darkness and no communications. Then imagine that the grocery stores run out of food.
Listen to Radio and find out what James Roddey, Earth Sciences Information Officer with the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries thinks the disaster risk might be!!
Click here to listen to the interview! (The Roddey interview starts about 15 minutes into the show, if you don't want to listen to the survival recipe!)